Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Promise I Can Keep

Random Side Note: This week, Bob Harper shouted out to me on twitter. How cool?

I wrote this:


hoping to make @ proud with our colorful dinner while watching  

Then he wrote this:

 Bob Harper 
 by SRLNeudel
@ WOW!!! That looks really good..I'm proud of you.

And I replied this:


.@ Thank you!!! the perfect motivation to keep on making colorful meals and being healthy

I LOVE how great twitter is. I love how connected the world is now. I love that little old me can shout out to someone on TV and he can call right back. It is pretty neat. who would have thought it? It is also impressive how committed Bob is to his job that he takes the time to reinforce good behavior from his fans. What a special individual.

So imagine my surprise/embarrassment when during last night's show Bob looked straight into the camera and told 'me' to put down the ice cream. Now, I know he really wasn't talking to me per say, but a few weeks ago I did post this blog. How did he know?

Bob, I promise to never ever eat treats when watching The Biggest Loser!

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