Friday, November 19, 2010

Old Friends Are The Best

Earlier this week, Josh and I went to dinner with my old friend (and Josh's current bromance) Craig.

Craig had been to our house a bunch, but we had never been to his. It was fun to see where he lived, give him some design ideas (every bachelor needs a female touch when decorating!), and catch up on his super busy social life. After giving his new pad our stamp of approval, we took a short walk to a local restaurant for some dinner and drinks. While I'm not proud of food choices (nachos, sliders, fries) or our drink choices (beer, wine, sangria), we had a great time. Next time, however, we are going to have to have Craig over for some healthy food...maybe a tofu stir-fry or at least some not-so-bad-for-you burgers.

Spending time with Craig is always a blast. He and I have known each other since middle school and always have a ton to talk about, catch up on, and reminisce about. Josh loves hearing our old stories, joking around, and bonding with Craig over movies tools dating boy stuff. Sometimes I think they have so much fun together, that I am cramping their style when I'm around. It is a great feeling to know that one of my oldest friends loves my husband as much as I do...and vice versa.

It is so fun to have such a great friend living near by. Add it to the long list of reasons we love our neighborhood and our friends.

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