Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That Time Again

I can't believe it! Almost 3 months have passed since our last trip to BJs. I also can't believe how much money we saved by buying our most used, non-perishable items in bulk. It really was a remarkable deal. While we did run out of most of the food that we bought on our last trip, our paper goods will last us at least another month or maybe even 2. Not too bad at all!

Before we went to our favorite store, we made sure to follow my 10 rules of bulk shopping. We made a list, bought only things with long shelf lives, allowed ourselves just 3 impulse buys, and did what we now call 'BJs Math' to make sure the products we planned on buying were actually good deals. After making our list and checking it twice, we made our way to BJs and to let the fun begin.

I was impressed with us. Now that we were regulars, we knew exactly what to do. We weaved in out of the aisles like pros, made bee lines for the foods we enjoyed most, and weren't too tempted by the candy and electronics. Not a bad shopping trip.

There were however, 2 small mishaps. When checking out, an older gentleman looked into our overflowing cart and asked "Is this all for your family? You must have a lot of kids at home." I just politely smiled and "We sure do," because it was easier. Josh nearly fell on the floor laughing. Clearly this man had seen the insane amount of 'kid food' in our cart, like fruit roll ups and honey nut cheerios, and just assumed that no grown adult would eat that kind of food, and certainly not in the quantities that we were buying it in. Obviously he did not know that I am the snack queen and still eat like I am 6.  Oh well.

Just when Josh's laughing and teasing of my food choices were getting old, a nice older woman said to him "Wow, what a dad! Is that all for her dorm room?" I nearly peed in my pants laughing. Revenge baby! Apparently, the combination of me in my American University hoodie and uggs and Josh in 'real people clothes' with his distinguished gray hair was not a good look for us to rock. With only a 3-year age difference between us, it was pretty hilarious that this woman would think that Josh was my dad. Sure, he has gray hair, but he has a young looking face. Maybe if he hadn't just been teasing me up a storm, I would have been more sensitive, but what could I say, revenge is dish best served cold. I laughed the entire way home!

Once we got home, we unloaded the car and looked at our loot. We were able to buy a TON of stuff, stay way under budget, and still had plenty of room to store everything.

Check out our purchases...kid food and all!

cereal, soda, and snacks to last months

all of my kid food piled up high and condiments

you can never go wrong with potatoes

we might have overdone it with pickles bigger than my head
Our super organized basement shelves. Talk about maximizing space.

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