Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lorelai Lives!

Nothing, I repeat nothing, makes me happier than the Gilmore Girls. I love watching them, talking about them, and most of all, overhearing other people talking about them.

Last week, 2 girls were walking on campus in front of me. I overheard one girl tell the other girl that she was still looking for her tree. The second girl was confused with what she was talking about. The first girl described a scene in Gilmore Girls (my favorite!!) when Lorelai tells Rory to stop complaining about loud roommates and find a tree to study under. After a lot of 'not right' trees, Rory finds the perfect one and calls her mother to share in her excitement. The second girl clearly had never watched Gilmore Girls and gave the first girl a dirty look. The first girl then said 'I guess you aren't my Lane.' Just hearing Gilmore Girls quoted in the middle of the work day made me so happy!

I LOVE working on a college campus! These kids make me laugh many times a day, especially when they invoke GG!

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