Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trial Run

This Thanksgiving, for the first time, Josh and I will be hosting our families for dinner. My parents, my aunt and uncle, and Josh's parents (and we hope his sister) will be at our house. We are very excited! We love having guests over for dinner, and this is the ultimate dinner.

In order to prepare for the big day, we have been doing a lot of prep work. Recently, we bought a new dinning room table and side board and re-organized our china cabinet. We have also been going through our dishes, serving pieces, and tablecloths to make sure we have everything we need. Now that it is getting closer to the big day, we are moving on to practicing dishes.

Josh, our resident pie maker, did a trial run of one of the most important parts of the meal...the pumpkin pie! And let me tell you from personal experience, it is delicious. Our guests are in for a big treat!

Check out his AMAZING pie.

Mixing all the 'secret' ingredients in

About to pour the insides inside the outside :)

Final yummy product.

Looks like someone got into the pie :)
If this is any indication, not only will we be eating well on Thanksgiving, but the next few weeks will be pretty tasty too!

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