Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Tofu Fun

Another day, another tofu dinner. We are getting good at making tofu stir-fry. It is so easy, very yummy, and we just can't get enough. It is also a meal that we can both make together which is nice.

Last time we had tofu, we used my method of pressing out the water. This time we used Josh's.

Nice to know we sometimes put our cookbooks to good use :)

It actually worked pretty well

While the tofu was pressing, we cut up the veggies. 

Nice and colorful, Bob would be proud

Apparently, when the books fell over, it was time to cut up the tofu. 

Thank you natural timer

We then cut up the tofu into thin slices, spread a little bit of BBQ sauce on them and put them on the grill.

The thinner the slices the better
While Josh was on the grill, I was on the stove, stir-frying the veggies up.

Check out that steam

Finally, we married the two parts to make yet another yummy dish.

At this point, I would argue that Josh and I are expert tofu-stir-fry makers. 

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