Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Take 1

4 day weekends are a gift from the universe. This Thanksgiving holiday was no exception. I felt so rested and so relaxed by Sunday night.

In 4 short days Josh and I bookend-ed our weekend with 2 killer spin classes, cooked for and hosted Thanksgiving, slept in a lot, watched Eat, Pray, Love , went to my 10 year high school reunion, had a fun date night with good friends, relaxed some more, and had more friends over for leftovers. It was the perfect mix of busy and lazy.

However, before we could be lazy and relax on Sunday, we had to get prepared for Thanksgiving.

The first thing Josh and I did to prepare for my parents, his parents, and my aunt and uncle (after all of the shopping) was to set the table. This sounds easier than it was. It was the first time using our new dining room set, china, and serving pieces. We were not 100% sure how everything would work. But luckily, it all came together and was my favorite part of the entire process. Having all of the right 'tools' makes it a lot easier to have company...and a lot more fun too! I am already excited to be able to host another formal dinner with all of our new stuff.

The whole table set.

The individual place settings.
I love our china! Each plate has a different, but similar, pattern.

The inside of our crystal matches the flowers on our china perfectly

Murano glass flower candle sticks made the perfect centerpiece
by adding some color and tying in the flower pattern and silver in the china

After setting the table it was time to cook like crazy and pull off the meal. When our guests arrived, we served some appetizers to tie everyone over while we finished up in the kitchen.

We served apps in the living room

So we could deal with all of this in the kitchen.
Eventually, we got everything out and on the table, ready to be served.

Salad first.
And then all the fixings.

A nicely loaded up plate.

I guess it was good.

For more on what we made and our desserts, check back tomorrow!


  1. The table settings are beautiful. Looks like a great day :)

  2. Thank you! It was a blast to put together. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving