Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have built my career around accountability. In politics, without accountability comes corruption and dangerous policy. In communications, without accountability comes poor stories and false accusations. At the gym, without accountability comes laziness. Thank goodness for accountability.

I have been writing more and more about the gym lately and in particular, spin. There have been two major shifts in our workout routine that have made this come about. 1) Josh and I have FINALLY recommitted to our crazy workout routine from before the wedding (only we are spinning more and running less) and 2) We now have some serious accountability.

We loved our old gym, but aside from 2 actual friends, we did not know anyone there. At our new gym, we actually know people. And not just any people, we have become friendly with one of the women who work at the gym, our favorite spin instructor, and our incredible Zumba teacher. They make going to the gym a much better experience. We enjoy talking with them, joking with them, and exercising with them. And, we hate when they notice that we are not at the gym and call us out on it. Accountability is serious motivation.

I did, however, reach a new level of accountability friendship recently. When I called to sign Josh and I up for spin class for tonight, our friend who works at the gym knew exactly who I was by only my voice. This totally made my day! It's official, Josh and I are a part of the gym community and with that type of accountability, you better bet we will stick to our fitness goals! And have fun doing it.

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