Friday, December 17, 2010


Josh and I love sushi. I mean we love it. love, love, love it. We would eat it every day if we could. In fact, sometimes we do eat sushi multiple days in a row.

A few years back, a good friend of mine and I decided to take it upon us to try spicy tuna at every sushi place in all of Boston. We made it to over 25 places and staked out our favorites. At one point during our adventure I thought we were going to turn into a spicy tuna roll. Although she no longer lives close enough to go on sushi taste testing adventures, Josh is a pretty good stand in.

When we lived in our old apartment, Josh and I took on a similar project. We went to every sushi restaurant we could find and ranked them. Years later, the quest is not over. While we have all had many, many delicious types of sushi, finding new places never gets old. 

Last night marked another notch on our sushi tasting belt. We had takeout from Aji. It was yummy, priced well, and left us wanting to go back very, very soon. Dare I say we found our new favorite sushi place?

The perfect Sushi meal

So spicy, such good tuna. YUM

My second favorite, sweet potato. Delish

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