Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make It Stop

Clearly I was obsessed with our Thanksgiving. I wrote many, many, posts about it and loved the planning, cooking, and hosting so much. But now, I am so sick of Thanksgiving! We have been eating it for days. Josh has literally had 7 Thanksgiving meals. That is crazy! I have only had 3, but still, it's enough. I can't take it anymore!

I think the leftovers are growing in our fridge.

Seriously, this is out of control!

I can't believe how much food we made and how much was left in the end.
We should have made less and sent our guests home with more. Lesson learned.

At least none of it went to waste.

I think that last night was our official last night of Thanksgiving. I have never, ever wanted tofu so badly. Tonight is Josh's night to make dinner. Please, oh please can we have tofu stir fry?!?!

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