Thursday, December 23, 2010

Steak and Potatoes

I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl. And when I need a break from chicken and am having too much tofu, Josh always know what to do. Steak tips! And potatoes rice! Hey, it's his favorite too. Yummy dinner and being able to use the grill, really, what could be better?

Yes, in 30 degrees and snow, Josh is just as happy to grill as he is in the summer. There is no such thing as non-grilling weather in our house.

Sometimes finding the kind of kosher meat we want is a little challenging, so we get creative. Josh made his own steak tips and marinaded them in our #1 favorite, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Seriously, this stuff is amazing, and we put it on everything.

As always, when Josh is on grilling duty, I'm on salad duty. (Notice that I have to make 3 salads. 2 for dinner and 1 for Josh to bring for lunch).

Our team work paid off last night. Dinner was delicious, well balanced, and fairly easy. Not too bad for a middle of the week creation. (Note who added tomatoes to their salad and who added soy cheese)

What is your favorite meal?


  1. Oh that looks delicious! My favorite meal would have to be fried chicken and mashed potatoes that my mom makes. I only get it once a year for my birthday dinner and it is always so fabulous!

  2. @ravlenomnoms that sounds delicious! I might need to try it myself. The special meals that come up on holidays and birthdays are the best. Thanks :)