Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last night it was COLD in Foxboro. Very Cold. At kickoff the temperature on the ground was 26 degrees with light flurries. Up in the seats at Gillette Stadium it was significantly colder with a whipping wind and stinging freeze. Or at least that's what Josh said.

Josh and one of his friends stupidly went to the Patriots demolition derby game last night and froze to death had a blast. While I love being married to someone who loves the Pats as much as I do, I still can't believe he went to the game last night. At least he dressed for the occasion, hand warmers and all. 

While Josh will go to any Pats game any time of year, I am a total sports snob. I only like warm weather games like these. Just ask my dad; he learned the hard way. 

I get cold faster than the average person. In fact, more often than not, even in the summer time, I complain about being cold. I shiver a lot, my fingers often turn this weird shade of white, and I wear much warmer clothes than most. This has always been the case. However, for some reason when I was barely in double digits, my dad took me to a November Patriots game. We had been going to games together for years, but only in September. This was my first (and last) foray into cold weather games. 

My mom begged my dad not to take me to the game. She knew that I was a cold weather weenie and would never make it. But my dad and I decided (still not sure why I was given a choice at that age) it would be ok. We got to the game early to tailgate with some other families like always and then made our way to the seats. About 30 seconds after kickoff I had had enough. I don't remember if there were tears or hysteria, but I do remember having to get warm immediately. And so, my dad took me home, not even one minute into the game. And my mom said, "I told you so."

Since that day I have not been to a cold weather Patriots game, or really any other game. I do not take part in cold weather activities like skiing and snow boarding, and under no circumstances do I just hang out in the snow. I own an insane amount of cold weather gear for those times when I have to be outside in the winter and do everything I can to avoid it. I hate being cold. And that is why I am glad that Josh was able to go to the Jets beating insanely cold game last night...with someone else!

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