Monday, December 13, 2010

Ode to Calendars

I have my new calendars! 2 fresh, clean, new calendars empty of plans and appointments, and full of possibilities. There is something about a new calendar that excites me.

I love going to the store, spending more time than necessary choosing the perfect calendar for home and for work. It is an important choice, because it sets the tone for the whole year. I love filling the calendars up with birthdays and anniversaries. I also love flipping through the pages of last year's calendar, seeing the exciting things I did, milestones I passed, and reliving some of my best days. 

I love starting next year with a clean slate. Knowing that the year ahead is full of wonderful memories to be made, exciting adventures to take, and some things I could never even think up makes this time of year second to none. As a kid I felt the same way about academic planners. There is just something about starting fresh with endless possibility that makes me so excited. 

This year I went with a front porch theme for work and a tropical escape for home.
I love calendars that bring some summer fun to our lives in the cold weather. 

So peaceful, so nice


And yes, I'm well aware that my love of calendars, all things organization, and all other tools to keep things orderly makes me a big nerd...but a super organized nerd.

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