Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Love My Job

I try not to talk about work too often here. It is important for me to keep the two separate for many reasons, but mostly, this blog is about my personal life and I want to keep my professional life, just that, professional.

That said, I love my new job. Seriously, taking this job was the best decision I have ever made professionally. I love what I am doing. My assignments, both large and small, are fascinating. I learn something new, useful, and interesting multiple times a day. The people I work with are great. They are so kind, considerate, and smart. Their backgrounds are so different from mine and that makes everyday a bit more exciting.

Everyday I get to come to an environment where people really like each other. I get to work on projects that stimulate me professionally and academically. I still get to the use the skills and experiences I have gained along the way while constantly learning new ones. Most of all, work doesn't feel like work. It's fun, entertaining, and gives me exposure to a whole new world I knew nothing about.

I am not exaggerating when I say that almost every morning I wake up excited to go to work. I also can't wait to share my day with Josh when I get home. I love telling him what I learned that day, or how I was able to solve a problem, or another interesting tidbit I heard from a coworker. Life is just fun and exciting right now and I am soaking it all in.

Here is to a wonderful career move and hoping that 2011 will be as great professionally as the end of 2010 was!


  1. Steak and potatoes is my kind of meal...Nicely done!

  2. You can't beat steak and potatoes. The perfect comfort food :)