Thursday, December 16, 2010


I feel like it takes me a really long time to get ready for bed. I add about 45 minutes to my estimated bed time just to do everything I need to do.

I start by packing my lunch, getting the coffee set, making sure my jacket and shoes are set, picking my outfit for the next day, and cleaning up everything downstairs. Then I head upstairs to start the routine.

First up, 

Then, some old school

While that is on my face like a mask, I use
Then it's time to wash off the noxzima with 

Last up is a little

Yes, 45 minutes to get ready for bed is a long time, but there also is something to be said for a routine, right? Wrong according Josh. I wish I could compare how much time it takes him to get ready for bed vs. how much time it takes me. However, by the time he gets ready for bed, I have been fast asleep for a long time. Though if I had to guess, I bet it takes him less than 2 minutes to change his clothes and brush his teeth before bed. 

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