Tuesday, December 14, 2010


While Josh and I love having friends and family over for dinner, we have not quite yet figured out how to cook for the amount of people we are having. Every single time we have company we literally make enough for twice the number of people present. There are two possible explanations to this situation...either we are the worst  judges of how much people actually eat on the planet, or we have prematurely become Jewish parents.

Whatever the reason, this Friday night, was no exception. So it begs the question, what does one do with a large bowl of leftover pasta?

Luckily, Josh has been in this situation before. He sauteed up some veggies we had in the house and made a yummy stir-fry/pasta combo. As always, the creation was delicious....and perfect for a cold, rainy winter night. 

Let the sauteing begin

Add in some pasta

And some sauce

To make a hearty meal.

While I love having leftovers in the house and enjoy Josh's ability to make new creations out of our meals, we really need to learn how to cook appropriate amounts of food for our guests. Otherwise, one day soon we will either run out of room in our fridge or explode from trying to eat all of the leftovers!

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