Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Tis The Season

I have been to a LOT of holiday parties this year. More than I can ever remember, and that is saying a lot because when I first graduated college I worked on Capitol Hill and there were holiday parties everywhere.

I have celebrated with friends, family, coworkers, suite mates, other departments, and the faculty/administration at my work. Josh and I have celebrated alone, with his family, and next week with mine.

In the last few weeks I have rocked traditional green and red, blue, silver sparkles, bling, pins, ribbons, and fancy shoes galore. I have spent more time putting together outfits than I would like to admit. I have worked hard to get my work done in time to celebrate. I have spent time at home cooking, baking, and planning to make sure my contributions to the parties are perfect. As much as I used to not be a super big fan of the holidays, I have to say, this year, I’m having a blast.

Why not celebrate the holiday season with some fun and flair? Sure I do not celebrate Christmas personally, but why not get into the spirit of things? It is fun to help friends celebrate. Enjoying the holiday season with coworkers is a great way to get to know them. Being happy and festive inside when it is cold and dreary outside is a nice change of pace. So much of my life I spend time being serious, planning, worrying about what is going to happen next, or trying to stay ahead of the game. It is a welcome relief to relax, enjoy life, and the people around me.

Any excuse to eat cookies right?

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