Tuesday, January 18, 2011

City Slickers

On Saturday night Josh and I visited 2 old friends of mine, one who I adore and one who I am so happy is not in my life anymore.

My good friend Scott lives down town in Boston. I have known Scott since I was 5 years old and he is one of my oldest and closest friends. We try to meet up for lunch or dinner regularly which used to be easier, and happened more often, when we lived near each other and worked in the same part of town. These days, hanging out takes a bit more planning, but is just as fun. 

Because of a funny turn of events we decided to have dinner in the North End. When Josh and I used to live in our old neighborhood we would go to the North End for dinner all of the time. It was so easy to just walk out our front door, hop on the T, and walk to dinner. From the 'burbs, the trek was not so easy. But we love Scott, so it was worth the hassle of the T to see him.

First we took the T. Oh do, I do not miss you with your long waits, crowds, temperature control issues, and just plain frustration. 

Though you did get us where we needed to go. 

After getting off the T, we took a longer walk than necessary (partially because after 4 months I forgot how to get where we were going) because I wanted to walk through some of my favorite places with Josh for old time sake. As much as I dislike the T, I do love Boston in the winter at night. So pretty!

Heading into Faneuil Hall in the snow

Walking through the lights. 

Christopher Columbus park, one of my favorite parts of the city.

Freezing, but still in good spirits (disregard the awkward smiling, it was SO COLD!)

After our mini tour we finally met up with Scott for some tasty Regina Pizza. 

And indulged in some serious pizza. DELISH!

Everything was so tasty.

Plain cheese for me (of course)

Fancy pizza for the boys

With three hungry people, we did a very good job. 

Impressive, that was a lot of pizza!

Somehow, after dinner we were still in the mood for some treats. Of course being the North End there was no way we could pass up some cappuccino and a cannoli eclair It's like a rule or something. Plus, we still had a lot more catching up to do. So we made one more stop on the way home at Cafe Vittoria.

So good!
SO, SO Good.

After dessert it was time to trek back to the 'burbs. Even if we had to bookend our night of fun with Scott with 2 T rides, it was a blast. Old friends in my favorite part of the city is the perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

(Just to clarify, Scott is the old friend I was excited to see and the T is the old friend I am happy not to have in my life anymore.)

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