Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Say It Again?

My New York state husband does not believe in wearing jackets. He claims he never gets cold. While he understands why I need to bundle up both inside and outside, a hoodie or a vest is enough for him. He rarely wears gloves, has only just begun wearing scarves (mostly because he has received some really nice ones as presents) and feels that he can survive with a just a hat in most situations.

This upstate New Yorker grills in the snow, wears shorts in December, thinks that slippers make his feet to hot, and doesn't even own a big, heavy, puffy winter coat. He shovels the driveway for hours only wearing a hoodie, a raincoat, and a hat. He doesn't own winter boots, just hiking boots, and he never, ever, ever, complains about being cold.

However, earlier this week when the temperature dipped to way below zero I heard 5 words I never expected out of his mouth: "Now this is jacket weather!" Finally! Jacket weather? Who knew? Some of us have been wearing jackets since October!

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