Monday, January 31, 2011

Organizational Heaven

This weekend while Josh was at work, I decided to tackle a little project of my own. Organizing!

I love mixing and matching different types of jewelry. I enjoy putting interesting combinations together and creating new combinations. I also like how adding a unique piece of jewelry with a few old pieces from my wardrobe can create a whole new outfit.

Lately though I have been wearing the same pieces of jewelry every day. Partially this is because I have been known to be a little sleepy in the morning and not so creative. But mostly this is because my jewelry was unorganized..until now!

This weekend I came across an old jewelry box that has a ton of space and, best off all, is clear. I put everything in the box by style so I can see exactly what I have. I also sorted through the pieces that I don't really have a lot of use for and only put the ones I like to wear in the box. I am very excited to finally be able to see everything I have and start wearing it a LOT more.

What's old is new again!
Being able to see everything is much greater than I could have thought.

Costume jewelry and rings right on top.

Bracelets on the second shelf.

Beads are in the first full drawer.

Smaller necklaces are on the bottom with some sentimental pieces. 

When I finished the jewelry box I was so excited and so inspired that I decided to tackle my hair and makeup products and under the bathroom sink in the main bathroom. 

I can see and find everything I need to get ready in the morning.

Perfection in the bathroom. 
Watch out kitchen and closets, I'm coming for you next!

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