Thursday, January 27, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Remember the 25 pounds of potatoes we had sitting around after our canceled latke fest? Despite our best efforts to make breakfast for dinner and eat potatoes at almost every meal, we still have serious amounts of potatoes left. At this point we have no idea when we will see the end of our mountainous potato stash. In an effort to use up our potatoes before they go bad, or take over our basement, we have to do something quick.

Since we never had the chance to eat tons and tons of latkes over Hanukah like usual, we decided to make a few...just for fun. Hey, they may be holiday food but they are tasty and fun to make. It was also a way to make a sizable dent in the potato collection.

Traditionally, potato latkes are made with regular potatoes. They are delicious and we like them a lot. However, we LOVE potato latkes made with sweet potatoes. They taste so good and are always a crowd pleaser. We can not eat enough!

First I hand shredded the potatoes. Notice the gloved hand. I'm no Michael Jackson, but I have a serious potato allergy and need to be gloved in order to touch them. Sometimes I feel like my allergy list goes on and on.

Once the potatoes were all done, I grated some onions into the mix. No onion allergy here!

Once I finished my portion of the preparation, Josh stepped in to mix in an egg, some bread crumbs or matzah meal, and a bit of salt and pepper. 

Once everything was ready it was time to fry up some deliciousness. 

Making latkes in our new electric frying pan was so much easier than using a regular frying pan. We could make 12 at a time instead of only 4 and they cooked much more evenly. It was also very easy to clean up.

Though we did not enjoy these latkes until after Hanukah, they were tasty, fun to make, and helped us make a dent in our potato stash. Not to shabby for something that was so delicious!


  1. MMm!! I have a 14 year old son who would devour these!!

  2. Oh! You made them with sweet and regular potatoes?!?!? How DELICIOUS!

  3. @Kim, you should try them. They are so easy to make to. Your son will love them!!!

    @Tiffany, the sweet potatoes are a million times better than the regular ones. seriously, you should try some!