Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Much Gym

You know you go to the gym too much when:
  1. You get signed up for the early morning Sunday spin class by the front desk staff before you even ask (or, sometimes, against your will).
  2. Your swipe card is broken and no one bothers to tell you because they know you are a regular.
  3. You not only become a part of the gym clique, but you are excited to see your gym friends (and you know their names!)
  4. People talk to you in the locker room.
  5. You do not need to readjust the spin bike because you were the last person to use it the day before.
  6. You get to help the pick the Zumba music.
  7. People ask you how to use the equipment.
  8. The instructors have your phone number.
  9. The main TV is always turned to ESPN when you walk in.
  10. The manager recognizes your voice and puts both you and your husband on the list when you call to sign up for class.
At least we are staying in shape...


  1. I love my gym friends! I even know most of their names too. Its like a whole life that nobody else in my 'real life' knows about :-) I even have my friend that I talk to every wednesday morning about the water tempurature in the shower, and what shirt looks best with her pants!!

  2. @Emily, I'm so glad it's not just me!!!! Gym friends make working out so much better and a bit easier too!

  3. I know, I am switching gyms next month and am going to the one in the office park where I work. I am affraid that there are not going to be as many people, and that people are gonna be more down to business and not want to chat...