Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pat "___" Green

I love Kenny Chesney. I love his music. I love his attitude. And I love that his shows are huge, in the summer, and better than any beach party out there. The atmosphere at his concerts is like nothing I have ever seen anywhere else. The fun never stops, the crowd sings along to every word, and it is impossible to not have a blast. I have yet to miss a show and over the years have only grown to love Kenny more.

Kenny may have the market on the huge, over the top summer extravaganza shows, but no one holds a candle to Pat Green, in a bar, with his guitar. His shows are intimate, full of die hard fans, and bring a little bit of country to Boston. There is nothing in the world that would stop me from seeing Pat Green, live at the House of Blues in 5 WEEKS!

Pat's concerts are so different from most. His fans are loyal in a way that most artists would die for. His songs have meaning and soul. When he plays the guitar the world stops. He has fun on stage. He and his band interact with the crowd, have been known to take requests, and play off the audience in a way that makes you feel like you are part of the show. He also preforms in small venues where you actually can (and I have) reach out and touch him. He is a cool, down home guy who just wants to party. And at any Pat Green show, that is exactly what you do.

Just like Kenny, I have been a loyal Pat Green fan for years. I never miss him when he comes to Boston and wish that he came more often. Once a year just isn't enough 'Cannonball' and 'Southbound 35' for me. Every time I hear this man sing '3 Days' I fall a little bit more under his spell. And I have seen him a lot.


Girls night with Mr. Green himself, up close and personal.


Fancy box seats for a better view!


Belting it out with the Red Sox for charity.

Pat Green + Josh Becket = Heaven

Josh's first Pat Green show (definitely not his last!)


The Lost Year. No picture. No show. But his CDs were played on repeat all year long!

2011: JUST BOUGHT TICKETS!!!!!!! I can not wait to 'WAVE ON WAVE'


  1. SO true! Pat and the boys put on an amazing show!!! I've seen him no less than 10 times, in all different kinds of venues, and the smaller and dive-ier a place is, the better the show!

  2. @HRH always excited to meet another PG fan! I'll be sure to post some shots from the show.