Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go Big or Go Home

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Despite regular appearances at the gym, trying to eat healthy, and using as many organic and environmentally friendly products as possible, when it comes to candy, my philosophy is: Go Big or Go Home.

I am a candy-oholic. I rarely discriminate with candy, though my weakness truly is anything with peanut butter or tootsie rolls. I like to surround myself with candy. There is always a candy bowl full of tootsie products in my house. I have a stash of chocolate in the back of one of the kitchen cabinets. After dinner, I always want a piece of candy. Thank goodness I have the self control to have only one or two pieces, or else this candy habit would be a big problem.

Lately, my candy dreams have been coming true in a big, big way. I have been on a streak of finding (and eating) REALLY BIG CANDY. Talk about Samantha heaven! YUM YUM YUM.

So many M&Ms!

Biggest Peanut Butter Cup ever.

Tootsie Heaven
Talk about big candy! I guess I do not need to buy more candy any time soon...at least I hope not. 

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