Monday, January 24, 2011

Quiet Weekend

Outside of a super special friday night (more on that this afternoon) Josh and I played it low key this weekend. With the end of the semester having come and gone, the life of a teacher is all about grading and comments. Luckily Josh's need to be attached to his computer coincided with my desire to get ahead on some work, both personal and professional. And so we were homebound most of the weekend. Considering the crazy freezing cold weather we had, I was more than ok with being inside.

While most of the weekend was spent at home, we did get to visit our close friends who had been out of town for 2 months on a spectacular Down Under adventure. It was great to see them, catch up, hear their stories, and most of all, meet their brand new puppy!  While I am not the biggest dog lover out there (thank you life-threatening allergies) this puppy was adorable. He was so cute, so well behaved, and adorable to look at.

We also had time to get in 2 long work outs. I destroyed my own personal longest running record on Saturday by doubling the amount of time I ran without needing to take a short walk break. The best part was that I didn't intend to do it and didn't even realize it was happening at the time. I was watching an intense remodel on HGTV and before I knew it, I had run longer than I ever had before. I was so excited that my celebration almost led me to fall off the tredmill...oops! But it was well worth it.

I have to say, after our weekend of being mostly homebodies, I am pretty refreshed and ready to take on the week. Call me an old lady, but I am really enjoying our much slower weekends. After a spring, summer, and fall packed full of activities, a quiet winter was just what the doctor ordered.

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