Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fighter

I love Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg

Maybe it is the Boston thing, or the cute thing, but I just love him. And, despite hating 'boy movies' I feel it is my personal obligation to see every movie he has ever made. And it's not just Mr. Wahlberg. I go see every Matt Damon and Ben Affleck movie too. I guess it is a hometown thing. I must really love Boston to see all of these movies I would hate otherwise.

So it comes as no surprise that Josh and I went to see The Fighter on Christmas Day with my parents. And while if it were a movie about any other part of the country with any other actor, I'm not sure I would have even seen it, I have to say, I really enjoyed it. So did my mom (also has the must see Boston movie gene) and my dad and Josh (both of whom love sports movies and boy movies) loved it too. A perfect family film for us.

The Fighter was funny, compelling, and fascinating. The actors were fantastic and had the whole Boston/Lowell thing down cold. Sure it was about boxing, but as someone who knows nothing about boxing, I was still intrigued. The family dynamic, love story, and desire to reach your dreams at all costs was enough to keep me glued. And the throw back Marky Mark boxing outfits didn't hurt either.

While I do admit that I am incredibly bias, I highly recommend this movie....even if you are not into this sort of thing.

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