Monday, January 24, 2011


No one loves the Celtics more than Josh. He has been a huge fan since he was a little kid. He owns a ton a Celtics gear, has read every book about the team, and follows each season passionately. But as much as he loves the Celtics, he loves Larry Bird more. He always has, and always will. Nothing on the planet makes Josh happier than Larry and the Celtics.

For Josh's birthday, my parents gave Josh tickets to the Celtics game this weekend. Even though Larry was not there, he was THRILLED to go. I was excited to get to go with him. There is nothing more fun than to watch Josh get lost in a basketball game.

It was an awesome game and our seats were fantastic. We got to see Shaq start which was a cool experience for both of us. As always the big 3 were phenomenal, and the bench kicked the Jazz's butts. We also got to rock some of the best Celtics gear in the Garden. We had a blast! Thanks mom and dad, it was a totally Josh-tastic night!

Being in the Garden never gets old.

The Celtics started off to a strong lead and never looked back.
The game was awesome!

All about 18! So many Championship banners!
(If you look closely you can see where they took down the BU hockey championship banners from 2 years ago
and replaced them with the BC championship banners from last year...just saying)

We were definitely rocking old school Celtics shirts.

Such a fun night! GO Cs!

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