Friday, January 14, 2011


Anyone who reads MAM knows that I love my new neighborhood. I love our house and I love our life here.

Our location is fantastic. There are many, many restaurants, a market, CVS, the bank, and great gym all within walking distance. I still can't believe how great my commute is and how easy it is for me to see my friends, family, and to get to all my favorite spots. My neighborhood is funky and fun and the prefect mix of the city and the 'burbs. We have a lot more space than we ever did in our old neighborhood, both inside and outside of the house. We also live in a great school district that has many Temples for us to choose from, including one we really like. Anytime someone asks me about my neighborhood I think I sound like a walking billboard.

And so last week when the good people at NabeWise contacted me, I couldn't have been more excited. In their own words:

NabeWise allows you to understand any neighborhood as if you've already lived there, so you can explore the world on a local level, discover new places, and find the neighborhoods that are right for you.

Basically, NabeWise is a website that encourages people to rate their neighborhood in many different cities around the country. There are many different topics open for rating: schools, safety, convenience to shopping, amenities, and people to name a few. The idea behind NabeWise is that people who live in a neighborhood are the best ones to rate it for others. They are the ones who have the inside scoop.

I have to say, I was impressed with the website. They really are what they say they are. I wish I had known about NabeWise when Josh and I were on our house hunt. It would have been very helpful.

I had a blast filling out a review for the neighborhood. You should check it out and rate your own city. The more people who use NabeWise, the more of a useful tool it will become.

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