Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 and Back on Track

For the last ten days I was on vacation. 10 days without work, responsibility, plans, and a schedule. It was AMAZING. I can't remember the last time I had this amount time off with nothing to do. And, to make it better, Josh was off too. We have never, ever been in a situation like this. And we LOVED it.

In the time we were off Josh and I did nothing, and a million things. Aside from hanging out with some friends and family and baking like crazy (pics and recipes to come), we did all of the things we talk about doing and never do. 6 months later, we finally have pictures on our walls, the windows have all been properly insulated, our guest room and basement are super organized, and absolutely everything that we own has an official home within our home. We also saw many friends, family, a few movies, got some new dos, had a shape-up week that would make Alison Sweeney proud, and spent time together.

As much as we needed this time together, and boy did Josh and I need this time together, and as much as we needed a whole week to unplug, and yes we needed to unplug, all good things must come to end. And so  our days of sleeping in until 10 are over, so are our marathon work outs, our lazy afternoons, and our excitement over each completed task.

I hate to admit it, but as sad as I am for vacation to end, I am kind of excited to get back to work and get back to blogging. I loved my break from all things computer, but I also missed writing and sharing with you.

Here is to 2011, the year of the blog! Welcome Back!

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