Friday, January 14, 2011

The Core 6 Dinner

Over vacation my aunt and uncle (AKA Auntie and Leon) had the group I lovingly refer to as the core 6 over for dinner. When I first moved back home to Boston from DC I spent a lot of super delicious and very fun dinners with my parents and Auntie and Leon. I dubbed our 'dinner group' the core 5. When Josh entered the picture we expanded to the core 6. Our dinners are still great and the company can't be beat, but we do need to take 2 cars out instead of one.

Of course I knew that Auntie would pull out all of the stops for our core 6 dinner, she is the ultimate entertainer, but for this special dinner she outdid even herself. She is the kind of entertainer I hope to be some day. She is organized, calm, everything matches beautifully, and the food is always interesting and tasty. This meal was no exception.

The table looked amazing.
But if you think this is great, you haven't seen anything yet.

Not only did the table settings match perfectly, but each individual appetizer setting was unique.
Every detail was thought of. Even down to the place cards.

Auntie's signature touch: the menu.
Everything on that menu was even more delicious than it sounds.

The veggie soup and wonton seasoned chips were the perfect way to start the meal. 

The main course was so good!
I'm not even sure what was my favorite part. Everything tasted amazing. 

For dessert, an ode to Hanukkah. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait! YUM

No Hannukah celebration is complete without presents. Auntie knows me so well.
A giant suitcase full of tootsie rolls. YES! 

Our core 6 dinner was a success! Auntie's house looked fantastic, the food was delicious, and everyone exchanged wonderful presents (other than the giant tootsie roll case). We all enjoyed each other's company and played a heated game of Taboo, girls vs. boys. The girls won!

Thanks Auntie and Leon for a great night. 


  1. What a beautiful table your auntie sets. I hope she shares recipes too!

  2. I agree...what a gorgeous table. My dh would love a suitcase of Tootsie Rolls!