Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shhhh Don't Tell

I currently work at the same university that I got my master's degree. After spending 2 years at the college I should know my way around. I should know where the major buildings are and where the dining hall is. I should know how to get to the bookstore, student services, and the library.

Being my place of work, it would be fair to say that I should know the campus really well. I should know my building like the back of my hand. I should know where the people I work with sit. I should know where to buy snacks, where public safety is, and how to get around. Navigating the campus and giving directions should be easy for me. I work there. I went there. This is easy. Right?


I get lost EVERYWHERE! I always need to consult my campus map before leaving my building. I try to tag along with co-workers anytime I go to a meeting on the other side of campus. That way I know I will make it. I shudder when someone asks me directions and pray that someone else is standing near by who can answer the question. In 4 months I brought my lunch every day because I still do not how to get in to the dinning hall or where any of the snacks are.

How embarrassing!

But hey, at least I can FINALLY get in and out of the garage without causing a major traffic jam. Baby steps.

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