Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Market Hop

Some people party hop, Josh and I market hop. Thank goodness we live in a neighborhood that has a Shaws, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods all within 3 blocks of each other.

We do the majority of our marketing at Shaws. There is one just 2 blocks away from our house and they generally have everything we need. For produce Josh goes to Russo's on his way home from work once or twice a week, depending on how many meals we are around for. So that is 2 places where we buy our food.

It is no secret that Trader Joe's has the best price in town on all of their kosher products. They also have a much better selection of poultry and meats than the traditional markets. So for meat or turkey (or parve chocolate chips, random but their brand in the best) we always go to Trader Joe's. This brings our grocery store count up to 3.

With our recent commitment to living a more organic lifestyle, and because of my new obsession with natural peanut butter, we go to Whole Foods for a number of products. That makes 4.

We generally bought our kosher chicken from BJs. Although flash frozen chicken isn't our favorite, the price could not be beat and so, during our quarterly bulk shopping runs, we stocked up on chicken. But now, BJs sells fresh organic kosher chicken for less than the non-organic frozen version in their own store. The organic chicken is $3 less than at Trader Joe's and less than regular kosher chicken at Shaws. Talk about the deal of the century! Of course that makes 5 different places where we buy groceries.

On any given Sunday you can find Josh and I driving around from one store to the next, getting our marketing done. It may sounds crazy, but hey, it works for us. And it helps that all of the stores are within a few miles of one another.

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