Thursday, January 6, 2011


When Josh graduated college he started collecting change in this tub.

In Boston there are a lot of things that require change: laundry, the T, parking meters. And so, for years, Josh collected change. As the years went by, he moved to an apartment with laundry, the T stopped taking change and started taking Charlie Cards, and he moved to the suburbs, no longer needing change for meters.

Despite these changes in his life, Josh continued to collect change. He collected so much that the bottle was 3/4 full before he decided to do something about it. The fruits of his labors really paid off. 

In just over 10 years, Josh collected:
  • 1,250 Pennies ($12.50)
  • 840 Nickels ($42)
  • 1,300 Dimes ($130)
  • 400 Quarters ($100)
That is a total of $284.50. 

Now that is a lot of change. Good Job Josh!

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