Friday, January 21, 2011

Double Dates

Usually I schedule our weekends with back to back activities. I love being busy and seeing friends. During the week though, I prefer to be more low key. I like going to the gym after work, making dinner, blogging, and vegging out. Sometimes, however, something so fun and exciting comes up that I can't resist it.

Earlier this week Josh and I went on a double date with my our friend Craig and his girlfriend Laine. We had so much fun that I was actually shocked at how late it was when we got home. (What can I say, 10pm is late for me!) As always it was a blast catching up with Craig and it was really great meeting Laine for the first time. We all got along really well, had a ton to talk about, and laughed so much we might have accidentally disturbed those around us.

Josh and I met our dates at Union Street. While not the most glamorous place, I like going to Union Street because the options are endless and they can always accommodate a large group. As always, the food did not disappoint. We ordered a wide array of dinners and everyone enjoyed their dish.

A few pre-dinner drinks. I'm a sucker for Prosecco while everyone else had some beer.

Tasty apps. Nacho flavored mozzarella sticks. SO GOOD!

Turkey tips, tater tots (yes! tater tots!), and broccoli for Craig.

Laine had one serious chicken pot pie.

A typical Samantha go-to meal: Quesadillas.

Tuna salad for Josh...typical

Such a fun double date! 

We all had such a great night. We are already finding a time to do it again!