Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Friday was my mother's birthday. In typical fashion we planned a fun, fancy dinner for Saturday night. I love having dinner with my parents. They always pick the best restaurants, we always have a blast, and I know I am going to have a good meal. Saturday night was no exception.

We went to AquiTaine in Dedham. They have a little bit of a bigger menu and getting out of our usual neighborhood was fun. When the 4 of us (me, Josh, and my parents) go out to dinner, there are a lot of issues to look at. Josh keeps kosher outside of our house and doesn't really eat mushrooms, I am not eating chicken (sort of) and limited amounts of meat, my mom doesn't eat red meat, both my mom and I have some serious food allergies, and while my dad is content eating a wider range of food than the rest of us, he is also a picky eater (where I get it from) and in theory is eating a more heart healthy diet. We are definitely a tough group to please. Which was why AquiTaine was such a good choice. The wide variety on their menu was a bonus and we were all happy.

As to be expected, it was a delicious meal with great company. AquiTaine did not let us down!

Every good meal starts off with a great drink! For some reason I am very in to martinis lately and this one did not disappoint.

My mom enjoyed the beet salad. Very Tasty! My dad had the French onion soup, but the picture didn't come out nearly as well as it tasted.
Josh and I split the tuna tartare. Trust me, this picture does not do it justice!

Josh had the special, the Hawaian fish wahoo! It was the most delicious thing he has eaten out in a long time.

My mom had the horseradish encrusted salmon. She always goes for the salmon and is never disappointed.

Shock of all shocks, my dad had the steak. He practically licked his plate clean, and for good reason. It was a great meal.

I had the butternut squash ravioli. Trust me, this picture barely captures how good this meal was.
All 4 of us picky/complicated eaters were thrilled with our meals. Every single one of us ate every bite on our plate. The atmosphere was pretty good too. It was loud in the restaurant (the tell tale sign of people enjoying themselves) but we were in a booth and had no problem hearing one another. Our server was great and Josh could not stop raving about his WAHOO meal.

Best of all, my mom enjoyed her birthday dinner! And her surprise dessert. You didn't think I would write a whole blog post about Party Favors on my mom's birthday without getting her a cake from there did you?

As always the cake was devoured!
Happy Birthday Mom! I hope this upcoming year is your best yet.

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