Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hot Food, Cold Day

There is something about a meal of hot dogs and baked beans that is so comforting. Maybe it is because I am from Boston, or because I went through a phase as a kid where the only thing I would eat for a very long time was hot dogs, or because they are just so good, but I love this meal. So does Josh.

Though, to be fair, I love baked beans, not so much hot dogs. But Josh loves hot dogs. And baked beans and hot dogs go together like peas and carrots, so on cold winter days when we are not in the mood to cook, hot dogs and beans it is.

I also have a not so secret obsession with my bean pot. And by my bean pot I mean the pot I 'borrowed' at some point from my parents and never gave back. I have had it for so long that a few months back my mom mentioned that she wished she had not gotten rid of it when she moved...five years ago. I finally had to confess that the best bean pot ever made is alive and well (and getting plenty of use!) in my cabinet. She was shocked and a bit surprised that I had the pot which led me to wonder if I had borrowed it or just taken it when I moved out. I'm not really sure at this point, but somehow the bean pot still lives with me. (along with the Pillsbury Dough Boy cookie jar, a taco platter, and some of my nana's old cookie sheets and brownie pans. What can I say? Sometimes things just stow away in cabinets)

And so, when the weather dipped back down low this week, dinner was an obvious choice for us, hot dogs and beans!

Best Bean Pot Ever!

I love Bush's baked beans. They are so tasty! But not even close to being kosher. The best discovery ever was when I learned that Bush's made vegetarian baked beans that tasted identical to the original ones and, best of all, were kosher. Let's just say I try to find ways to add them to as many meals as possible.

My mouth is water just looking at this picture.

No matter how cold, snowy, rainy, or raw it is outside, Josh is happy to grill any/everything he can.

Hot dogs on the grill is the only way to eat them.

I did not realize that we did not have any hot dog buns until the meal was just about ready to be served. Oh well, who needs buns anyway?

A delicious and easy meal. The salad definitely helped to make this not so healthy meal a little bit better.

What is your favorite comfort meal on a cold day?


  1. I love baked beans too! I get either Bush's or Heinz vegetarian baked beans - so delicious! And as a vegetarian I eat SmartDog soy dogs and I love them! Had this meal last week, definitely a winner!

  2. @Melissa, I will have to try SmartDog. I am trying to stay away from meat so that is the perfect tip. Thanks!