Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lazy Dinner

Josh and I love to cook and bake. We enjoy making well balanced meals for dinner. It is fun for us to try out new recipes and recreate old ones. We like spending the time together in the kitchen and in the dinning room eating. It helps us relax and decompress at the end of the day and sets the scene for us to connect, talk, laugh, and have fun together.

Of course it is unrealistic to think that we can make full meals every day. We are two very busy people with a lot going on. We are also often distracted doing things around the house and off hanging out with friends. Some nights take out is the answer, or we turn to the stash of food in our freezer.

Other nights even our freezer trick is too much effort. Last night was one of those nights. After a week of constant shoveling and dealing with ice on our driveway, a few late nights at work, and sheer exhaustion, the only thing Josh and I could manage for dinner was cereal. Let me tell you, that cereal was the most perfect dinner I could have asked for.

Dinner of champions!
Raison Bran Crunch with bananas and blueberries for Josh.

Honey Nut Cheerios and bananas for me,

Hey, we can't all be foodies every day. A nice and easy bowl of cereal can go a long, long way on those days when cooking seems overwhelming.


  1. I would love cereal for dinner!!! Hubby...not so much! But he will eat a box of Kraft Deluxe~

  2. @Lizzy...oooh Kraft is good too. There is something about those easy meals that is so comforting

  3. I love cereal for dinner! Anytime I forget to take something out of the freezer or are just feeling lazy, I grab a bowl. Yum!

  4. No, we definitely can't be foodies everyday! LOL! I love it!!! :)