Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Budda C is #1 To Me!

Jae's Budda C is my favorite sushi restaurant in Brookline. Yes I love Orinoco too, but really, I love Budda C. The sushi is by far the best around, plus there are lots of other Asian cuisine options for those not interested in raw fish (though they are really missing out!)

I can't talk enough about the sushi at Budda C. Every time I go I always order the spicy tuna roll (seriously, the best I have ever had), an Idaho roll (sweet potatoes tempura YUM!) and if I'm sharing with Josh, the screaming roll with tuna. The screaming role definitely lives up to its name! It may knock your socks off, but it is so, so good. Josh likes the Boston roll and any sort of yellow tale he can get. He also really likes the vegetarian pad thai...almost as much as he likes the sushi. The drink menu is great as well. I can not say enough about this restaurant!

I love that Budda C is really easy to get to, super low key enough to wear jeans to but nice enough to celebrate an occasion at, and extremely competitively prices. I feel like I am always guaranteed a great meal for a good deal. When in doubt, if you ever ask me where I want to go, the answer will almost always be BUDDA C!

Please excuse the dark photos. The restaurant was packed and I didn't want to go flash crazy.

Not only is the sushi amazing but the decor is fun too!

I love the funky red window covers...and the chop stick stands.

Big kids night out with fancy drinks (and yes, they are both pink!)

Edamame for an app. So simple. So tasty.

Getting ready for the main event! (low sodium soy sauce of course)

These photos do not do this delicious sushi justice. It was so good as always!

Alaskan rolls in the front, screaming rolls in the back, and Boston to the side.

My #1 spicy tuna! (for some reason I forgot to take a picture of the Idaho roll. sorry!)

More spicy rolls. They did not last very long :)

I love date night at Budda C!

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