Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl of Years Past

Growing up, my parents were, and still are, very good friends with many of my friends' parents. For some reason, many of the families we hung out with had daughters and no sons. This made for countless sleepovers, lots of fun dinners, and tons of memorable outings.

One of the biggest nights of the year was Super Bowl Sunday. We had quite a set up. The dads all went to one house to watch the game on a super huge TV with snacks galore. The moms and daughters went out to dinner and then home to bed. And on a few very special Super Bowls, my friend Emily (whose dad hosts the Super Bowl blowout) was allowed to sleep over at my house...on a school night! This tradition set the tone for Super Bowls of years past to be taken very seriously.

As we girls grew up, we began to gain more interest in football, the Patriots, and the Super Bowl in general. How could we not when we all had fathers without sons who were so into the sport? The big Super Party went from dads only to a few girls to a total co-ed experience equipped with dads, moms, daughters, and their husbands.

And so, for the first time last night I went to the big Super Bowl party. Josh and I had a blast! Emily of course was there (and her parents and sister...the party was at their house) and my dad too. A bunch of other friends and family come along and it was great. Sort of like the first time you were allowed to sit at the grown up table instead of the kids table.

Now I know why all of the dads loved Super Bowl Sunday so much.

Oh yeah and GO PACK GO!

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