Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Manic Monday

Our Mondays are anything but manic now that we have a routine down that works for us. 

Monday is our favorite day at the gym. Not only is it full of accountability, but one of our friends is generally working at the front desk on Mondays and it is always fun to see her. Plus, we take 2 classes with our favorite instructor and almost all of our gym friends. First we take a 45 minute muscle/weight lifting class - you should see our guns :) - and then an hour long spin class. It is hands down our favorite day of the week.

There is something about starting the week off on the right foot that motivates us to stick with our workout schedule each and every week. There is also something fun about seeing so many new friends in one place that makes the grueling 1:45 of serious exercise just fly by.

Of course Josh and I are not immune to Manic Mondays. We just found out that our friend who teaches on Monday nights will no longer be our teacher anymore. Good thing she is our friend too, or else we would be much more heartbroken than we already are. A change in any routine, especially at the gym, and especially on a Monday is not easy, but somehow I bet Josh and I will figure it out...and until then, we get to sing Manic Monday over and over and over and over....

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