Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Breakfast

When Josh came home last night and said he wasn't in the mood for a real dinner and asked if I wanted pancakes instead there was only one thing for me to say: Yes please!!!!!

Sure it is the dead of winter and fall is a looooooong way away, but I will take any excuse to have pumpkin pancakes. They are so tasty! Especially with our secret topping.

Sure Josh may takes the lead on most tofu and chicken dishes, but breakfast is alllll me. 

Stirred and ready to roll.

The perfect pancakes.

A well balanced meal. 

Our secret topping...Ten Apple Farm Apple Butter!


  1. Love the idea of pumpkin pancakes. I'm going to have to try them myself soon!

  2. Breakfast for dinner is my absolute favorite way to end the day! I often tell people if it wasn't for fears of high cholesterol, diabetes or heart disease I'd eat breakfast every night. That's really cool Trader Joe's has a pumpkin pancake mix. They just started building a store near my house and now I have yet another reason to shop there when it opens.

  3. I think breakfast for dinner is one of my fave ways to go. But I generally go the savoury route. Eggs, Hashbrowns, Bacon, Toast. YUM!

  4. Breakfast is the best meal!! Especially at dinner. Mmm pumpkin pancakes

  5. Thank you all! I appreciate it so much

    @fight and @brian, you have to try these. you will not be disappointed.

    @Raptore, that breakfast sounds good too.

    thanks @steph and @ravie :)

  6. Your breakfast for dinner sounds so good and comforting. It's been way too long since I've had apple butter...I need to check my fridge! YUM!

  7. @lizzy, did you have any? It is so tasty.