Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Treats

Nothing says Friday like a tasty treat!

I love treats. I just can't get enough of them. And of all of my favorite treats, none makes me happier than cake. And not just any cake, Party Favors cake. Party Favors is the most perfect store. They have the best cakes around, super cute cards and party supplies, and walking in is better than any visit to candyland.

When I first moved back to Boston I lived right down the street from Party Favors. It was a good thing I was already a dedicated gym rat because I definitely stopped in regularly for a cupcake...or two. Once Josh learned of my cupcake obsession, he too picked up the habit of bringing me regular treats. While I loved being spoiled, moving a little bit farther away from Party Favors might have been the best thing for my waist line. Though whenever there is a special occasion...or we just happen to be in the know where we will be.

These cakes and cupcakes are beyond crave-able!

Engagement Cake
Cheer me up cupcakes

Happy 1st Anniversary

For no good reason other than yumminess

2nd Anniversary

Are you wanting some cake yet? I sure am. I think I see a trip to Party Favors in my future :)

Do you have a favorite local bakery that's treats always brighten your day?

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