Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Close Call

Last week I had a major scare. I went to turn on my computer in the morning to update twitter, nothing happened. I tried pressing some keys to try to wake it up. I moved the mouse around franticially. I held down the power button for what felt like an hour. Still nothing.

I started to panic. My life is on the that computer. I got my laptop when I went to grad school. Every paper I ever wrote for school was on there, including the final draft of my thesis. Many press releases, articles, and letters from the many jobs that I have had are also housed on my computer. Pretty much anything I have ever written since I was 25 is saved on that computer.

It is not only school and job stuff either. All of my pictures are on there. Everything from our wedding is on there too. My blog posts, photos, and outreach letters are saved on my computer. Basically, my life is housed in that little black box. And when it did not turn on I jumped right to hysteria. I could not live without everything on my computer and in all of these years I have never backed it up (BIG MISTAKE!)

Thank goodness Josh has the magic touch. When he got home from work he was able to wake up my computer. I still have no idea what happened, but Josh bought me a portable hard drive real fast. He even backed up my entire computer for me. Yes, this took FOREVER.


This eGo Helium portable Hard Ddrive (1 iomega) 500 GB is my new best friend. Now all I need to do is plug it in once a week and all of my stuff is safe and sound. It is also very small so I can take it with me places. I could not be happier knowing that my electronic life is safe and that this time the massive computer melt down was just a false alarm.

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