Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tour Continued

In the last few months I have taken you on a tour of our house. I have shared our dinning room, sun room, basement, and backyard. Today I am going to share our pantry. Be prepared to be jealous :)

One of the reasons we bought our house was because of the kitchen and most importantly, the pantry. Since we keep kosher, we have a lot of kitchen stuff...A LOT. We have 2 full sets of dishes and silverware and 3 sets of pots and pans and serving pieces. We also have a lot of barware and tons of specialty items. With all of the stuff we have we needed a big kitchen, and storage, and storage, and storage.

When we finally found a home that had a big kitchen with tons of cabinetry, counter space, and a huge pantry we were sold. Quickly the pantry has become one of our favorite rooms in the house. It stores so much, makes our lives so much easier and organized, and yeah and it is the perfect backdrop to all of our blog photos.  

I love our pantry! It makes cooking and baking SO MUCH EASIER! Check it out.

View from the kitchen into the pantry

The counter space in the main portion of the pantry is so wonderful.
We use the counter space in the pantry to store all of our small appliances. This gives us full use of the counter space in the kitchen for prepping and cooking. We also keep extra baking supplies and dry goods in containers on the shelves so we can see what we have and keep it out of the way. Not only are they practical, but they are cute too. Our serving pieces and other kitchen goods fit perfectly in the cabinets. Making the most of this space really helps us to keep our kitchen organized. 

The right side of the pantry is full of cabinets from top to bottom.
Our large cabinets help us so much. We keep our vacuum, broom, and swiffer in the tall one. Large pots and deep platters fit perfectly in the top cabinets. The tall and wide cabinet holds tons of food, extras, and some other things that need a home. In my wildest dreams I never could have come up with anything like this. It is perfect!

Seeing all of our cookbooks and having them be easily accessible is fantastic! 

The original dough boy!
Best Cookie Jar Ever.

Told you it would make you jealous. We LOVE our pantry.

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