Thursday, February 3, 2011

Melts Your Heart!

I am not much of a dog person. I have horrible allergies and have never really felt much desire to spend time around dogs. Somehow the fact that I can barely breath around them and my eyes and throat get itchy and close up quickly outweighs the cuteness factor.

Growing up it wasn't such a big deal. Most of my friends didn't have pets. Now, though, more and more of my friends have dogs. It is definitely challenging and I have certainly gone through my fair share of allergy medicine in the last few years. Sure my friends' dogs are cute, but I do my best to stay away. It's easier not to pet them and stay away.

Last week, however, we met a very cute dog. Despite my allergies and years of knowing how bad I feel when I come in contact with dogs, I could not resist this cutie! Thanks Morry and Rachel for bringing this little guy into our world. Caleb is such a sweetie.

Don't worry, I washed my hands 5 times after touching Caleb, put my clothes in the wash the minute I walked in the door, and took some extra meds. Safety first!

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