Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mystery Pain

I am a walking klutz. I am always walking into walls, banging my knee on tables, and tripping over things. Growing up I think I fell down our carpeted stairs a million times because I was running up or down them too fast with socks on. Bumps and bruises and falling down are just a normal part of my life. I know I should slow down and be more aware of my surroundings, but I always seem to be preoccupied and on the go.

One my most embarrassing falls of all time was when Josh and I had been dating for barely 6 months. His dad had been given a big award from the school where he was teaching and we were driving out to surprise him. As part of the surprise, Josh, his mom, his sister, and I were supposed to sneak in to the back of the auditorium and stay out of sight. When Josh's dad was given the award, he would see us cheering for him in the back. It was a great plan...that was until they invited Ms. Klutz. Just after everyone had been seated in the auditorium, we all snuck into the school and headed for our seats. It was silent in the auditorium. You could have heard a pin drop. Instead of a pin, every single person in the room heard a huge bang. My heel got stuck in the cuff of my pants and I fell flat on my face right in the entryway. Talk about making an entrance!

So this morning when I woke up with a random pain in my foot I just ignored it. Without thinking I just assumed I had banged it or bumped it somewhere in the house. As the pain persisted I started to think harder about the previous day. And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks.

The previous day, after dropping my completely full coffee mug in the middle of the street before I even took one sip, I went to get some coffee at work. The floors were slippery and I was wearing heels (notice a pattern?). Somehow my heel slid out from under me and before I knew it I was in a split in the main hallway of my office building just as classes were getting out. Nothing like taking a fall in front of 30 students and a few faculty members who happen to be nurses.

Ah the life of a klutz!

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