Monday, February 7, 2011

Friends, Fun, Food

This Friday night we had a big Shabbat dinner at our house. I love that we have a house that can accommodate so many of our friends, and a dining room table that makes sitting around the the table talking, eating, and laughing so comfortable and so much fun. I love that we have so many great friends and that nights like Friday are possible.

As cheesy as it sounds, Friday night dinners are relaxing and a great way to end the week. They also give us the time to hang out with our friends and catch up on all our very busy lives. The last week was particularly stressful and an easy going, enjoyable dinner was exactly what the doctor ordered for all of us.

Aside from loving our group of friends and spending time with them, I also enjoy having them over for dinner. It is so easy! Everyone makes a dish and we always are able to create a delicious meal. We also used all dishwasher friendly serving pieces and dishes making clean up super easy and super fast. All and all it was a wonderful night.

Since everyone brings their own dish, we only had to make one thing. We chose baked ziti. Perfect for a cold winter night.

5 ingredients for one delicious meal.

After boiling the pasta, combing all of the sauce and cheesy goodness together.

The more mixed up the pasta, sauce, and cheese are, the better it will taste.

Bake on 350 for about 45 minutes or so. When the cheese and melty and the pasta is warm throughout, then it is done.


After a relaxing Friday night and an even more relaxing weekend filled with tasty leftovers, we are definitely ready to take on the week ahead.


  1. Looks delicious with all that cheese, yum!

  2. thanks @sandra! sometime i feel like you can never have enough cheese :)