Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

On cold winter days my mom used to make sweet and sour meatballs for dinner. It was always an exciting and delicious dinner. For a long time I was nervous to make one of my favorite dishes. Something this tasty and this good had to be hard. Right? Wrong!

Sweat and sour meatballs are so easy to make. With only three ingredients (plus water) and a few simple steps I was able to recreate one of my all time favorite dinners.

We used turkey (but often we use meat)

I started by making the meat balls.

And put them in the oven to brown while I made the sauce.

The sauce is so easy.
First I added the chili sauce and then some water.

Then came the grape jelly.

Next I took the meatballs out of the oven when they were slightly browned.

Draining the meatballs is a good way to keep the meal healthy.

Finally the meatballs go into the sauce to simmer for a few hours. 

I like my meatballs served on rice, though eating them with challah is pretty great too. 


These came out just as good as I remembered. I think the reason they were so special was because of the taste and not because they are complicated to make.


  1. This look too good and so so delicious! Nicely done!!!

  2. Hmmm, I think this is a recipe I might be able to handle... *if* I knew how much chili sauce and grape jelly to use. :-)

  3. I love that grape jelly sauce! I use it on just about any finger food I can think of.

    your meatballs look perfectly messy for game day :)

  4. Such an interesing combination! I've never heard of mixing jelly and chili sauce, thanks for opening my eyes!

  5. @Zalman B: 1 jar of chili sauce and 1 jar of grape jelly. Fill the chili sauce bottle up with water and put that in the pot as well.