Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Do Too!

What started off as guilty pleasure has blossomed into so much more. Let me say it loud and proud, "I love Giuliana and Bill!"

It started with their wedding special. I was intrigued with how the E! host met and married The Apprentice winner. I also loved weddings, especially celebrity ones. Then I got hooked on their reality show. There was something about them that just sucked me in. There was no drama, no yelling, and no out of control fireworks. They were just 2 normal people with real feelings, real problems, and real family values. They were funny, loved each other, oh yeah and they had as much fun bulk shopping as we did! Of course they had much cooler jobs than anyone I knew. 

After I read Guilianna and Bill's book I do, Now What? I was hooked. I know these two people are celebrities and live a different type of life than Josh and I do, but really they aren't so different from us. I Do, Now What? is the kind of marriage self help book that I never thought I needed but am so glad that I read.

G and B candidly talk about the wonderful parts of being married and the little things that are hard in life. They talk about the pressures of living together, splitting up the chores, fighting fair, and balancing work and home life. They talk about traveling the world, meeting each others' friends, and falling in love.  They talk about what it is like to gain a new family and how yours changes. They talk candidly about their careers and their struggles to have children. They open up about the good and the not so good. And, they do it all while sharing funny anecdotes, silly stories, and give light hearted advice that makes you smile. When I was reading the book I felt like I was chatting with my best friend.

There is something about G and B that is just so real. I want to be their friend. I want to have dinner with them and just talk about life and love. Whether it is on their TV show or in their book, they are honest and warm and hilarious. They show what a normal, loving relationship they have. They constantly talk about their love for one another, their family, and their religion. There is something so reassuring and so wonderful about that. Those are the same values that Josh and I try to live by. It is refreshing to see that those values are still alive on TV, in this country, and most of all in Hollywood.

Guilianna and Bill you rock! Thanks for the advice, reassurance, and fun you have brought into my life and my marriage. 

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